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Sun Microsystems
Sun Blade 2500 1.28GHz
Sun Blade 2500
1.28GHz Processors
4GB Memory
2 x 73GB Disks
XVR-100 Graphics Price: $1,495

Propaq CS Model 242
Welch Allyn Propaq 242 CS
Vital Signs Monitor
8.4" TFT Color Screen
ECG/NIBP/TEMP Printer /SP02/Sidestream C02 (Masimo/MOT TOL), HP Side Panel Option, Respiration for Propaq 202/242 HP
Comes with Roll Stand Kit and Many Extras
Save 50% Price: $6,495

Sun Microsystems
Sun Fire V1280
8 x 1.2GHz Processors
16GB Memory
2 x 73GB Disks Price: $1,995

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