93H3809 - 6206 - IBM
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93H3809 - 6206 - IBM
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IBM Adapters - pSeries, RS/6000
93H3809 - 6206 - IBM   93H3809 - 6206 - IBM

IBM PCI Single-Ended Ultra SCSI adapter Type 4-K For IBM RS/6000 Model 7013-S7A, 7015-S7A, 7017-S7A, 7017-S80, 7017-S85, 7024-E20, 7024-E30, 7025-6F0, 7025-6F1, 7025-F30, 7025-F40, 7025-F50, 7025-F80, 7025-H70, 7026-B80, 7026-H10, 7026-H50, 7026-H70, 7026-H80, 7028-6C1, 7028-6E1, 7040-61D, 7043-140, 7043-150, 7043-240, 7043-. Additional Part Numbers:

  • Refurbished with a 30-day warranty
  • This part is user installable
  • Usually ships 1 - 2 days ARO
  • Usually in stock. Call for availability on quantities over 5

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    Manufactured By: IBM

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